Gravitational Waves


Note: The lectures for this week, and this week only, were given by Kip via computer link from Cambridge England to Caltech.  As a result, the movies show nothing but Kip talking.  He and the class had in front of themselves the same set of slides, contained in this pdf file, to which Kip refers by number in his video lecture.


The following videos are played by the QuickTime Player, which can be downloaded here for free:
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Lecture 1 (Kip Thorne  Overview of GW Science - part 1)

Lecture 2 (Kip Thorne  Overview of GW Science - part 2)

Note: Since we expect more people to be interested in the first 2 lectures than in the rest of the course, we have provided RealPlayer version of the movies. Future lectures are only availiable in QuickTiime format

We thank Carolline Patterson from Digital  Media Center for computing the movies for the first week.


Suggested Reading and Exercises: